2002 I was blessed with a laptop and started making music with Acid Pro, writing lyrics. My original goal was to inspire others through music. When coming up with a name, I had no idea what to name my label.  One day I was watching the History Channel and Ulysses S. Grant had said something so inspiring and smart. For the life of me, I do not remember the quote, but I said out loud "That's Wismatic!". I Googled the word since I had no idea where it came from, and it did not exist. In My Head, I believed it meant "The releasing of Wisdom automatically". Then it began to come together. I thought "Times" because when I was a kid the news was reliable, honest, and non-bias. The news was meant to inform you. So Wismatic Times is to "Release Wisdom Freely to Inform All". Originally, Records was at the end, but after 4 laptops got stolen. I hung my dreams up until I met Betty White. Then I changed my labels name to Productions.

 As artists, we have the ability to get people thinking. If we can engage people in thinking, we can engage people in change. If we succeed in getting people to change for the better, we will be doing our job. How are you going to earn millions without putting kindness in the world?

In My Head, people do not read as much as we use to. We watch movies and tell others "Yeah, I read the book." Our educational system has taught me less than my parents, who were taught less than their parents, and our kids will be taught even less. So... If I can re-educate by filming in a comical sense, we can make more free thinkers.


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